Die tote Stadt – The Dallas Opera – 2014

North Texas Performing Arts Review: Marietta´s madcap group of revelers always brings some relief to the overall gloom of the opera. In this production they are a standout. They enter from the back of the house, as though they come from some other world than what is on stage, and slowly make their way into the action. Their antics are grotesquely exaggerated, as they should be in a dream, and all of the voices are strong, as that of Jan Lund singing Victorin.

The Column, Dallas: The rest of the cast create very believable characters from their roles, and each has a unique and distinct voice, as that of Jan Lund singing Victorin, helping to make the production vocally flawless.

Madama Butterfly – Opera Hedeland, 2013

Skånska Dagbladet: Jan Lund lets Goro be a well sung and wonderfully understated character.

Berlingske: The opportunistic bridal arbitrator of Jan Lund is an unforgettable  type.

Messiah – Copenhagen Oratoriochoir, 2012

Kristligt Dagblad: Four excelent soloists (…) Jan Lund on the male side with his large and dramatic voice was a great asset.

Orpheus´68 – Opera Midt, and Opera of Funen, 2012

Fyns Stiftstidende: The part of Jan is sung by Jan Jund, and with his extensive dramatic skills and lyric voice, he fulfills his role beautifully.

Sange i Nyt Lys – CD with Carl Nielsen Trio, DanaCord 2012

MusicWeb International: Jan Lund is a well-known Quantity from other recordings (…) He sings here with just the right degree of artless simplicity, not trying to make too music of these basically straightforward songs (…) The slow “Shall flowers all then wither?” is heavenly in this treatment with the flute floating above the vocal line (…) This is a charming, very well contrasted and altogether unexpected collection – a shame it couldn´t have been longer.

Fono Forum (German): Between Mahler and Chanson; The texts tell small stories, some biblical some worldly, and Jan Lund is a great asset in this telling. He is singing the songs with a controlled vibrato and without pathos. he only points out the very necessary accents and carries the rest with his voice. The feel of the CD varies from a little sadness to glimpses of joy (…) Carl Nielsen Trio does really make Nielsens songs glow in a new light.

Wilde´s World – CD with works by Faye Ellen Silverman, recorded 2011

IAWM Journal: Wilde’s World for tenor, viola, and guitar, commemorates the 100th anniversary of Oscar Wilde’s death, and is a setting of Wilde’s poem “Roses and Rue”. Silverman uses melismas and ornaments to depict the cultural ambience of late nineteenth-century art and music. The frequent use of melismas in the tenor part remind one of Britten’s operatic arias. The work is beautifully performed by Jan Lund, violist Ninnie Isaksson, and guitarist Kristian Gantriis. The trio features three very distinct and independent but supportive lines, yet with tone and color they appear to perform as one entity. The piece is generally through-composed with musical repetition mirroring Wilde’s word repetition. Both the text and music touchingly depict a failed relationship and its accompanying sadness.

Angelo – Pakhus 11 Copenhagen, 2012

Jyllands Posten: The nine singers create a flow in the merry scenes in the bar, at the wedding and in the bedchamber (…) and Jan Lund convinces as the groom Domenico del Monte.

Gregers Dircknick-Holmfeld: The cast is very strong (…) with the tenor Jan Lund as the furious groom Domenico del Monte.

Madama Butterfly – The Opera of Funen, 2011

Jyllands Posten: It was an excellent team of singers, with a text-pronounciation better than usual. (…) Jan Lund was an ideal, controlled and insinuating Goro.

Sigurd Dragedræber – The Opera of Funen, 2011

Fyens Stiftstidende: All four singers are excellent in their roles. The singing is powerful and with a superb pronunciation, but also beautifully lyric in the melodious duets between the raven and Sigurd (Jan Lund).

Die Tote Stadt – The Danish National Opera, 2010

Weekendavisen: With the tenor Jan Lund as Victorin the master of ceremonies, the carefree regiment is extremely well cast.

La Fanciulla del West – The Danish National Opera, 2009

Weekendavisen: A very particular performance makes the tenor Jan Lund as Minnies counter-jumper Nick. Agile, limping and with the moustache of a man of the world, a polished echo of Scarpias affable tool Spoleto from Tosca. During the three acts we experience Nick develop from the essence of amiableness to sadistic delight and back again.

Jyllandsposten: It´s unfair just to mention a few of so many excellent singers, therefore it must be a long list beginning with Jan Lund´s most exciting bartender Nick.

L´Incoronazione di Poppea – The Royal Danish Opera, 2008

Gregers Dircnick-Holmfeld: We may not forget that the acting and singing is considerably intense – some times ferocious – amongst others by Jan Lund.

Oliver! – Tivoli Copenhagen, 2007

Weekend Avisen: Jan Lunds extremely scarring undertaker Mr Sowerberry and his black tarred cadaver is pure delight…

Acis and Galatea – Innsbruck Landes Theater, 2007

The art of culture: Vocally the opera was surprisingly well cast. Thrilling were especially Mathias Hedegaard as Acis and Jan Lund as the manneristic Damon with sure intonation and a convincing talent for acting.

Labyrint of Love – Aalborg Operafestival, 2007

Aalborg Stiftstidende: The biggest experience of the evening was the duet from Manon sung by the soprano Charlotte Melgaard and the tenor Jan Lund; They both possessed the sensitive and mildly elegiac tone which they with accuracy brought the whole way to the finale.

Madama Butterfly – Rialto Theatre Copenhagen, 2007

Skånska Dagbladet: The tenor Jan Lund as Goro sings and acts beautifully and surely. They both solve the psychologic fight amongst Goro and Suzuki superbly.

To mand frem for en Diva –, 2006

Fyns Amts Avis: The Audience gratified with a standing applause after the last number at the danish premiere of DogmeOpera´s new show. In all aspects a great experience. Jan Lund with his large tenor voice, end Elsebeth Dreisig with her lovely bright soprano, and a just as thrilling and skilled pianist Thomas Rischel brought in “To mand frem for en Diva” the audience along on a lovely musically tour de force – from parts from Carmen to danish film-tunes all mixed with a great deal of humor.

La Cenerentolla – The Opera of Funen, 2006

Politiken: jan Lund is noteworthy sure in his professional handling of the operas second large part as the prince.

Il ritorno d´Ulisse in partia – The Royal Danish Opera, 2005

Week-end Avisen: A magnificent achievement is Jan Lunds both youthfully melancholy struck Telemaco, sung with a bright and thrilling voice.

Politiken: Telemacos touching tale about his meeting with the beautiful Helena is left in calmness and is a sure hit in Jan Lunds beautiful and stylish interpretation.

Aftonbladet: With Bo Skovhus in the title-role and Jan Lund as the son Telemaco it won´t get any better!

Skånska Dagbladet: As Telemaco Jan Lund was a tremendous succes. His bright and powerful tenor-voice had the exact right timbre for the baroque music.